Buffer Profiles and Levels

Strategic Inventory Positioning

Buffer Profiles enable global management of  buffer settings to address ranges of part characteristics and behaviors

Position buffers within the BoM and supply chain to dampen variability and reduce lead times

Lever strategic  replenishment positions that have most significant impact on flow and service

Visible and Collaborative Execution

Demand Driven Planning

Typical Benefits

Highly visible planning tools provide planners with clear insights and supply recommendations
Available Stock Calculation develops supply recommendations based on actual market pull
Order Spike Qualification ensures large future demand is addressed in supply
Execution alerts ensure buyers and planners can take timely action to address open supply issues
Alerts provided for Current Inventory, Projected Stock Out and Material Synchronization
Continuous improvement enabled through Matrix BoM and Analytics

Dynamic Adjustments enable buffers to flex with changing business dynamics

Adjustments also enable effective management of promotions, seasonality and part introductions and deletions

Dynamic Adjustments

Improved Customer Service - consistently achieve 97-100%

Lead Time - reductions in excess of 80%, a market changing impact

Reduction in Inventory - eliminating the "bi-modal" effect and a 40% reduction
The  "fourth benefit" - employee satisfaction and reduced variability

Demand Driven Components