About Replenishment+®

Replenishment+® has its name for a reason. First, the term “replenishment” means to restore to a state of fullness or completeness. At the heart of Replenishment+® is the concept of a highly visible and dynamic re-order point system.
To stop there, however, is to dramatically understate the power of tool. Replenishment+® is much more and that is what the “+” stands for. Replenishment+® is a “multi-echelon” tool. That means that it deals with different tiers in the supply chain AND the bills of material in one integrated tool.
It has both revolutionary approaches to analyzing the bill of material, decoupling explosion between strategic stock points and providing visibility and management to strategic non-stocked parts. Furthermore it has a *built in web-based execution and analytics suite that focuses planning and executive attention on what really matters from a service and working capital perspective.
It is an unprecedented tool – watch the two videos below to get a better appreciation of how powerful the application is.
Watch this video that explains what Replenishment+® is and what it does: